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Lenten Encounter Table 5 - A Symbol of the Lenten Journey


After Ezekiel's vision of a valley filled with dry bones, the bones of the dead, the Lord asked Ezekiel, "Mortal, can these bones live?" (Ezekiel 37:1-14).  Week 5 of our Lenten journey of reflection features piles of dry, dead bones, dry leaves and sticks, a barren landscape indeed.  We see dry bones all around us: tasks that have become empty, relationships that disappoint, uninspiring routines.  Maybe our feeling about the direction of our beloved country or even whether the church has become no more than dry bones.  God's response enlivens the dry and brittle around us with hope when He says, "I will put my spirit within you, and you shall live."  In this season of preparation for Easter, it may be time to collect our dry bones and ask the Lord to breathe new life into them which will bring new life to our spirit.

The white cloth symbolizes the story of Lazarus (John 11:1-45).  Jesus was moved by the sadness and grief of the people at the death of Lazarus.  Because we believe that Jesus is God in the form of a human, this shows us that God must feel our pain and is moved by it.  In this story, Jesus required that the people be involved in creating the miracle of giving life by telling them to unbind Lazarus from his burial cloths.  In this story, we are called to work together with the Lord to unbind each other from whatever robs our lives of vitality. 

Questions for reflection may include:  How can I partner with the Lord to bring new life to a "dead bone" situation in my life?  What is one aspect of our church that I can assist God in bringing a new enlivened spirit to?  Do I have the courage to invite and encourage others to bring a new, refreshing, and spirit-filled perspective into our community of worshipers?  


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What's going on at FUMC?

Needed repairs are happening! FANTASTIC!!!

Bobby Montgomery sent in these great action photos! Thanks Bobby!






Sunday, March 18, 2018 was another glorious day
at First United Methodist of Ennis.
Joyce and Dave Lindauer became the newest members of this church! 
Welcome Joyce and Dave!


Steve's portrayal as Judas brought
vivid insight and understanding
 of the act of the betrayal of Jesus!


Sunday, March 11th was filled with Joy!


Jeanie Holston leads the music and readings.

The choir sings powerfully and so well.

The unusual items on the Communion table
are some of the several food packings
to be delivered to families in need
due to the program
"Hunger Doesn't Take Spring Break." 


Stephanie Reese actually pulls thoughts and prayers
from the kids with her words about the three crosses.


Pastor Steve's portrayal of the Thief
who asked Jesus to "remember him" when Jesus
will have "come into" his kingdom,
was unusual and quite thought-provoking!


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Below: Sunday, March 4th, 2018

The Praise Team had amazing new songs to teach this Sunday
as well as some of the old favorites. Glory to God!

First Sundays promise and deliver Communion time. Kim and David Canady 
helped Pastor Steve and Christen serve Communion this past Sunday.



Janey Fallen prepares the kids for Children's Church in her own special way.


The Chancel Choir really helps bring us to Prayer time by singing
"Spirit of the Living God." Beautiful; just so beautiful for the soul.


Pastor Steve's portrayal of Pontius Pilate put us right there
at the time of the planning of the Crucifixion!



The previous Sunday, January 28th, brought us a beautiful baby for Baptism!

Infant Baptism of Annalise Jane Sattler was a time of celebration
for the entire church, along with an amazing supportive family. Parents are Andrew and Erica Sattler​.



We were blessed with a magnificent rendition
of the Lord's Prayer sung by Michaela Robinson,
current classmate of Davin Hutchinson's.

The "Depth of Mercy" was beautifully delivered to us
by Davin and the Chancel Choir.

We were visited by Barabbas telling "his" story as it all happened
that day so long ago. Barabbas was effectively portrayed
by our own Pastor Steve!


More Biblical encounters on the way in the next several Sundays!















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