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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Full services available on YouTube and Facebook
or use the links here!

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Children's Time

Full video!
Click here!

Vacation Bible School info!!! 
ONLINE -- you can do it!
Watch the video!



Love this book!!!


Ivory Soap, plastic knive, paper plate?
Watch the video!


Sunday, June 21, 2020


Father's Day

See the full Happening of Father's Day photo fun!
Click here!


Families are returning to church week by week!!!



Dave Lovelace joins regulars,
Jennifer Bailey, Dee Keever and Mike Colville,
at the helm of the computers that manage the service online,
as well as in the Sanctuary!

Dr. Larry Jinks is checking temperatures
of every person entering the church on Sundays!



The early service is the most sparsely
attended service right now!

But, that is what is necessary right now
to maintain social distancing!


Organist James Montgomery gives it all every Sunday!
The meaning of the song can be felt through his playing!

Hear it all in the complete service.

Click here!

Pastor Christen is always entertaining with her announcements!


Pastor Matt gives a sermon related to Father's Day,
but it is not exactly what you would expect!

Check out the sermon, the music
and the announcements and more!

Click here!



Children's Time

Pastor Alison tells the story about a
special father in the Bible!

Hear the story she tells
Click here!


Sunday Schools

Most classes are meeting and
reporting what they are doing and
how they are doing it safely!

To see and know more,
click on the names of these classes!


Epworth Class
Lord's Ladies Class
Word Class


Sunday, June 14, 2020



First Day back to the building for Worship!

Pat Reel comes to church encountering Dr. Larry Jinks
to check her temperature
and Kim Canady ready with hand sanitizer!

Ushers Adan Casas and Jared Rudd
remind each one about social distancing!


The Tech Team is ready to do their part
for the "face-to-face" service
as they have being doing
for the past three months
keeping the church online!


Pastor Matt and Organist James Montgomery
are ready for Worship
with actual PEOPLE
in the sanctuary for a change!


Pat Reel has been ready to come back to church for months!

As were Bobby and Barbara Montgomery!

Pastor Matt Bailey's sermon,
"Two Ears, One Mouth"
using James  1:19-21
is a must see and hear!

See and hear it all!
Click HERE!

Two services were held on this Sunday to accommodate 
social distancing!

Here are pics from the second service!

Rhonda and Joey Svehlak did their part for the 2nd service!


Dr. Jinks is ready to do his part again!

Stephanie Reese had her temperature checked.
She waits for husband Alan to be checked.


The Robert and Dana Collins family all masked and ready!





Most of us were at home watching on Facebook or YouTube;
even though there were some of the expected technological glitches
due to the vast number of churches using the Internet
at the same time all over the nation,
corrections were made and the video was updated
to give us the full service!

SEE and hear it all!

For Facebook - Click HERE! 









The Word Class continues to meet at the Annex building
across the street from the main church building.
They are really working on their study of 1 Samuel,
currently learning more about King David!

The Word Class


Sunday, June 7, 2020









This was just a picture story of today's Worship Service,
to see and hear it all,
click here for the full video!

A Drive-thru Communion followed the service, 
along with 
Children's Ministry Time!!!

Stay tuned....

Pastor Alison reads and tells the story of
what it means to be a Christian
through telling the story of the church of Corinth
using this wonderful book!



We are one body of believers!


"God has made each of us very special!"

To see and hear the complete video of Children's Time,

Click HERE!


The Epworth Class has been meeting face to face in the Courtyard
during the Sunday School hour!

The Epworth Class



Earlier today, Lord's Ladies Sunday School Class
met during the traditional Sunday School hour
on Zoom for the first time,
after doing lessons via email for weeks
and a face to face class last week,
using masks and social distancing!

The Lord's Ladies Class


Wednesday Night Prayer meeting at sunset 🙏🌞
Phase 2 Joy Class coming out of quarantine!
God is Big Enough. Sharing Faith, Hope and Love.
(Thank you, Matt Bailey for the music, prayer & photography!)

The Joy Class



Sunday, May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday


Pastor Matt begins the service online --
both on Facebook and on YouTube!





Pastor Christen gives her JOY
through announcements and encouragement!


Pastor Matt delivers the message 
"Joy Fulfilled"
John 17: 11-13

For the full service or your choice of whatever portion
Click Here


Children's Ministry Time

Pastor Alison tells all about Pentecost!

The Apostles receive the HOLY SPIRIT!


Pastor Alison and her daughter sing
Happy Birthday to the CHURCH!
See and hear this special message:
Click Here!


Several Sunday School Classes met face-to-face this Pentecost Sunday!

Epworth Class met in the church Courtyard!
Click HERE for more!


Lord's Ladies Class met in Cathy Stacks' backyard!
Click HERE for more!


Word Class met at an undisclosed location! 
Click HERE for more!




Sunday, May 24, 2020

One of many tall stain-glassed windows
in the First United Methodist Church of Ennis.
Each window illustrates a different scripture!

This one - John 3:16


The church IS still ALIVE and well! 
Pastor Christen presents our opportunities for the week!

What are they? Check them out!

Click HERE for Part One of the service -
including the announcements!

(You can slide the bar to see and view specific parts, if desired!)

Yes, it IS well with my soul!

Pastor Matt and his daughter Emma do sing it well!
(Song is in Part One!)


You do not want to miss THIS SERMON!
"The End is Not Yet!"
(Luke 21:5-11)

Click here for Part Two - includes the sermon!

Organist James Montgomery concludes the service
with Amazing Grace!
Also in Part Two!


Children's Ministry Time


Pastor Alison reads The Ascension for today
to the children and all the rest of us, too!


Sunday, May 17, 2020


The above is an image we have become quite familiar with these days!
That is the LIVE "waiting to begin" screen on YouTube!
There will also be one on Facebook LIVE just before the service is to begin! 

To find this link before it is posted, just go to YouTube,
do a search for Matt Bailey,
then his list of posted videos and LIVE videos will be there!
Yes, you may want to set up an account on YouTube.
NO CHARGE there!
It just makes it easier to find things you want to see!










Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!
This special day brought out
wonderful pictures for us to see!
Check out the video of this service
for pictures of many of our mothers!

Click here for the Worship Service and pics!

Click here for the Mother's Day Happening
that is all pictures!!!


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day

You will notice that most Mother's Day pictures
include much of the family!!!
Of course, they do!!!


The sermon once again was on point!

Click here to see and hear it all!






OK.......so, put all these pieces together
by accessing the video and
SING the songs ALOUD with us!

Hey, "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" as the starting song?
You have GOT to sing that one!

Click here to see and hear and sing with it all!  

Sunday, May 3, 2020


Christen has MUCH to announce this morning!
See and hear it all!
Click HERE!

You DID know that the full Sunday Bulletin
is posted each week three or four days
before Sunday, did you not? 

It is always on the Announcement page
on the
Resource page,
including all Prayer Requests.
Click here for that page!


Pastor Matt tells us what it means to be
"servants like Jesus."
See and hear the entire service.

Click Here!



Communion at home or Communion via Drive-thru after the service.




Sending us "home" is James Montgomery,
organist and Music director.




Sunday Schools online for
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Epworth Class with Dr. Larry Jinks leading
had their seventh class in a row
LIVE on Facebook!

See any or all of their lessons
since March 22nd by
 clicking HERE!



Nineteen members were present
in Word Class Sunday School
via Zoom;
they are studying 1  Samuel 18 .
See more of their study,
including class notes by clicking



The FUMC Ennis Church office Staff Meetings
have not missed a beat.
As soon as this Stay Home order came about,
the staff was invited to install Zoom
on their device that they could use
for regular staff meetings that they have once a week.
They have been meeting like this now each week.
Talk about social distancing!


The FUMC Ennis Youth continue MEETING via Zoom.
At the Sunday, April 26th Youth get together,
they once again met on Zoom.
Here the youth are involved in a scavenger hunt ---
one time they had to find a roll of toilet paper
and another time, a pet!



Immediately after the online Worship service on April 26, 2020,
the Administrative Council met as
they usually do every other month, except
they had to meet via Zoom this time! 


Wednesday Evening Bible Study that has met at 5:30 pm
on Wednesday evenings did not miss a day of study;
Dr. Larry Jinks immediately initiated Facebook LIVE sessions
at the same time each week.
This class is studying
The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People
using that book and the Holy Bible, of course.

Above is a screen shot of the April 29th session.
Next Wednesday will cover Chapter 7!
Everyone is invited. 


Sunday, April 26, 2020

See and hear the entire service!
Click here




Everything looks almost "normal"!

James is at his best! Watch the video!

Emma Bailey assists her father Pastor Bailey each Sunday!


Lay Pastor Christen Vick gives many announcements!


Sermon: "What Did You Say....?"
Amos 5:21-24



Children's Time
Sunday, April 26, 2020

Rev. Alison Zollinger talks
about the Fruits of the SPIRIT!

Click here to see it all!

And there is MORE!!!

Again, see and hear this wonderful story
of the Fruits of the Spirit!
Click here!


Friday Night LIVE

April 24, 2020


Pastor Matt Bailey's home
with Pastor Matt and Emma Bailey

See and hear the first edition
of musical worship with the Bailey's!

Click here!


Lay Pastor Christen Vick gives blood at the second successful
Red Cross Blood Drive held at
FUMC Ennis on Thursday, April 23, 2020! 

Sunday, April 19, 2020


See and hear the entire service for
Click here!









Children's Time
See and hear it all!

Click here!


Easter Sunday
April 12, 2020











Children's Ministry Time



See the whole story told by Pastor Alison!
Click here!

The Floral Cross was placed outside
for all to come for pictures!

Here are the pictures that have arrived so far!!!

Pastor Matt Bailey, Emma Bailey and Christen Vick!


Pastor Matt and Jennifer Bailey


Jared Rudd and Christen Vick


Robert and Dana Collins Family


The Copeland Family!


Susan James


Tommy James

Susan and Tommy James


Jennifer Colvin-Robinson and family


Ron & Mollie Colvin


The McBee Family
Tanya Suarez,
Bill & Juanita McBee,
 Amy & Howard Callahan


The Bland Family
Bethany, Jeffrey and David Bland


Teresa Campbell

Alex Campbell


Teresa & Alex Campbell


The Colvin brothers - Zack and Evan!


Rudy Sanchez




Good Friday
April 10, 2020

Hear and view the entire meaningful service!
Click here!



Holy Thursday
April 9, 2020


Pastor Matt and Lay Pastor Christen
have worked diligently to prepare for

Holy Thursday
April 9, 2020
Drive Thru Communion!

5 pm - 7 pm

Corner of Sherman & Baylor Streets through the portico.
All social distancing to be followed!

They are READY for you to drive through!



Red Cross Blood Drive had a full schedule
with us on Wednesday, April 8th.

They will be back on Thursday, April 23rd.
You must be scheduled in advance!
Code: fumcoe

go to:




Wednesday, April 8, 2020

via Facebook & YouTube

@ 10 a.m. LIVE
video later

Each Wednesday
Pastor Matt,
Lay Pastor Christen,
and Music Associate James
bring us to the Sanctuary
for updates, music, and prayer!

Palm Sunday
April 5, 2020


Palm Sunday Worship was underway at 10:30 a.m.
on Facebook and YouTube!

See the entire service
Click Here

(There is usually about 8 or 9 minutes warmup time; you can scroll to that point to shorten your wait!)


Pastor Matt explains the elements for Communion along with our home instructions!

Meanwhile, at homes people had prepared for this moment together online!

The Reese family have Communion at home
with everyone else!

Rejoicing in song and praise was certainly all over town and beyond!

Immediately following the worship service
from the sanctuary,
across town...

Pastor Alison Zollinger's Children's Service
began from her home!
To see and hear that service
Click Here!

Pastor Alison shows how to make Palm branches a couple of ways....

Pastor Alision reads and shows the book that has the story of Palm Sunday! 

See you all next week!!!
Invite some friends to join you on Facebook!
Just LIKE the page and turn on Notifications...

FUMC Ennis Children's Ministry

...At the upper right corner of the POST of this video ON Facebook,
click Turn On Notifications
so it will notify you next week
when the Children's time starts on Facebook!!!


Check out what adult Sunday School Classes
are doing for continuation of their studies
during this time away from the church building!

Click on the class name below to access their page!

Epworth Class

Lord's Ladies Class

Word Class




5th Sunday in Lent
March 29, 2020


Pastor Matt Bailey brought us a much needed message
this morning on Life at the Altar: Security,

See and hear it all.
Click here!

The Order of Worship Bulletin, Prayer Concerns,
and means to put our offerings/tithes
in the online offering plate
are provided on the main page of this website,
as well as in the Resources tab and more!


Organist/Music Associate James Montgomery continues to give us 
beautiful organ music every Sunday!

All readings and songs are always on the screen for you to read and sing along!


"Social distancing" is practiced.
Emma Bailey, far left, is Rev. Matt Bailey's daughter.
Also depicted is Associate Lay Pastor Christen Vick
and Music Director/Associate James Montgomery.


Following the Worship Service 
The Children's Sermon
Rev. Alison Zollinger

Click here to see and hear Pastor Alison
 telling this story of Creation!

4th Sunday in Lent
March 22, 2020


Rev. Alison Jinks Zollinger brings the Children's Sermon on Facebook
for this week's worship service.
She is showing the children about how to wash hands using
"Jesus loves us, Yes we know, Yes, Jesus Loves Us.
Yes, Jesus love us, the Bible tell us so."
We all needed something besides
Happy Birthday - that is perfect! 

See the complete video of today's service below!!!
Interruptions caused us to have to put it out in two parts this week!

Click HERE for Part 1
Click HERE for Part 2


3rd Sunday in Lent
March 15, 2020

Pastor Matt Bailey brings comfort and reassurance
 through his message:
"Calming the Storm."

See and hear the ENTIRE Worship service
as it happened on March 15, 2020
Click HERE!


Being at church via computer at home -- new experience for some of us!
(Picture of a computer screen is just not the same, is it?)

See and hear the ENTIRE Worship service
as it happened on March 15, 2020
Click HERE!



Associate Lay Pastor Christen Vick prays with us over the
Food Love Baskets
to be delivered by the youth this day for
"Hunger Does Not Take a Spring Break."


Pastor Alison Zollinger shares with the children during Children's Sermon time
-- the story of the baby who was found in a basket in the water!

2nd Sunday in Lent
March 8, 2020


Traditional hymns were featured this Sunday.
See and hear it all.
Click Here!


CONTROL: What is this all about?

Pastor Alison Zollinger brings the message today!

Click Here to see and hear it all!




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