FUMC Ennis Ministry Leader: Marty Nelson

Give-A-Kid-A-Chance team is a dedicated group of volunteers that come from all walks of life and span the spectrum of professions, occupations, and faiths. The common thread is our love of children and a keen desire to help them start school with all the things they need and with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs met.


GAKAC 2021 - Saturday, August 7, 2021
         @ Ennis High School Commons/Lake Bardwell Rd.


Betsy and Adam Segura of Foundation of Life Church will be directors for this year, working along side with Marty and Jennifer Nelson!

Backpacking - Sunday August 1, EHS (Bardwell Commons), 2-4p

GAKAC - Saturday August 7, EHS (Bardwell Commons), 8-Noon, Volunteers arrive at 7:30


GAKAC 2020

Canceled due to the world-wide pandemic! Come back next year!


GAKAC 2019 

(See GAKAC 2018 for events and order of things for 2019!)

See how it all happened on Saturday, August 10, 2019!
Click HERE for a slide show of it ALL!


Ennis ISD Police Department

 Saturday, August 10, 2019

Give A Kid A Chance was up and running! 



GAKAC 2018


Back Packing: Sunday, August 5th, 2018 - 2 to 4pm, Ennis High School

Prayer Fellowship: Friday, August 10th, 2018 - (date, time and location - TBD)

Back-To-School: Saturday, August 11th, 2018 - 8am to Noon, Ennis High School

Give-A-Kid-A-Chance is a faith based, all volunteer organization operating under the leadership of the Bridge Builders.  We began 10 years ago as a small back-to-school program and have grown as God provided the resources to do so.  We believe people are at their very best when serving someone else’s needs before our own.  We believe in Jesus as Christ and the Son of God and use scripture and the example Jesus set to guide our behavior and actions.  Underlying all we do is the desire to share the Love God pours into us with others, particularly those struggling in difficult and complex situations.  We focus on the children and provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Children living in poverty are in a situation beyond their ability to comprehend or control.  Without direct loving intervention, poverty will negatively impact how they view the world, their sense of self-worth and sense of self-esteem for the rest of their lives. We serve these children first and let the Lord sort out everything else.  We give in Love until there is nothing left to give. 



Meet the immediate needs of students and families who are struggling with economic challenges by providing, clothing, food, back-to-school supplies, health services and access to agencies that provide support to economically disadvantaged families.  


  • First: we meet the families’ PHYSICAL needs by providing uniforms and back-to-school supplies for their children. Meeting a physical need is our way of creating a credible and lasting relationship.
  • Second: we meet the families’ EMOTIONAL needs by letting them know they are not alone, that the community will stand with them.  In times of adversity, all people need to know someone has their back.  For these children and families that’s YOU and GAKAC.
  • Third: once we’ve met the physical and emotional needs, our ministry and witness team is available to meet the families SPIRITUAL needs if the family has that desire. We seek the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



  • Back to School        (back to school clothes and supplies)
  • Lion Cubs                    (weekend food backpacks)
  • Watch-Me-Run                 (new shoes)
  • Angel Tree                          (nursing homes, prison fellowship, local families)



• Services:

o Back to school program that provides: new uniforms, new backpack, school supplies, family

portrait, meal, hair-cuts, vaccinations, gently used clothes and uniforms.

• Scope:

o 500 families, 1,300-1,500 students ($30 sponsors a child)


Lion Cubs:

• Services:

o Weekend food back-pack program provides a food pack to students displaying behaviors

indicative of chronic hunger or food insecurity.

o Food packs are kid friendly, easily hidden and require no cooking.

o Participation is based on observable behavior indicative of chronic hunger

o Christmas food basket (for each family – 100-125)

• Scope:

o 150-175 children weekly (2 X ECCs, 4 X Elementary, 2 X Intermediate)

               Austin, Bowie, Carver, Crockett, Houston, Lummus, Miller and Travis

o 5,089 rations provided 2016/2017 school year (34 weekends)

o Program is administered by campus counselors



• Services:

o New shoes for students

o Participation is based on classroom teacher observation

• Scope:

o Usually Lion Cub kids but it can be any child that needs shoes.

o Program is administered by campus counselors


Angel Tree:

• Services:

o Christmas gifts (sometimes includes food)

• Scope:

o Nursing home residents, ACROSS families, children of incarcerated parents and local

families unable to provide for their children.



Special Purpose Teams:

• Art Project Team:

o The children are encouraged to express their feelings through drawing.

o Some of the drawings are given to our donors and sponsors as a way of saying thank-you.

• Book Nook Team:

o This is a literacy module that relies on children’s books donated by Half-Price-Books.

o Every child will receive at least 3 to 5 age appropriate books to have as their own.

• Community & Health Services Team:

o This team is a partnership with “Unity in the Community”.

o This module makes numerous health services and screening available to the families.

Scoliosis, Dental, Hearing, Vision, Cancer, High blood pressure.

o This team also supports the Carter Blood Mobile during the event

• Food / Refreshments Team:

o We provide a free meal for families and volunteers. Over 2,000 meals will be served in the

cafeteria area.

• Hair Cuts Team:

o Over a dozen barbers and beauticians ensure the youngsters start school with a fresh


• Leave-Your-Mark Team:

o This team organizes our family and team building activity of signing a giant banner. When

complete, the banner will contain three to four thousand signatures. The banner will be

displayed in various places in an effort to communicate a sense of the impact GAKAC makes

in people’s lives.

• New Clothes Team:

o All registered children receive at least one pair of pants and one or two polo shirts for


o Day-Of registrations arrive at 10Am and are served until there is nothing left.

o Left over clothing is transferred to the school district for use throughout the year.

• Nominations & Registrations Team:

o This team receives and processes all nominations and makes contact with the families to

gather other details necessary to have age and size correct clothes, etc.

• Photography Team:

o We provide families the opportunity to have a family portrait taken.

o Photos are available for download through an online photo album. We attempt to get a

printed photo to those families without access to the internet.

• School Supplies Team:

o All registered children receive a grade specific new back pack full of school supplies.

o We pack four configurations of backpacks.

       Early Childhood, Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary

o Left over supplies and backpacks are transferred to the school district for use throughout

the year.

• Spiritual Care Team:

o This team is comprised of clergy and lay people from across the community. During GAKAC,

this team serves any person or family who asks for spiritual guidance or assistance.

o This team is very compassionate about how they interact with people and focus on Christian

hospitality to show God’s love for all people.

• Vaccinations Team:

o The school district sponsors this module for children who need vaccinations or moved to the

district over the summer.

PO Box 486

Ennis, TX 75120

Web Site: www.GiveaKidaChance.Com



GAKAC / MEBB is a non-profit / tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization

(Tax Id: 27-3184609) and United Way Agency










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