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Friday, January, 24, 2020


In this week’s reading we saw the nation of Israel delivered from the strong hand of Pharaoh by the much mightier hand of God. While these stories continue to be engaging and full of emotion, Exodus is an incredible contrast of the nature of God and humanity. God is mighty. He keeps His promises. He is so patient! 10 plagues? I would have been done with that Pharaoh guy the very first time he went back on his word. But God endures. Maybe not the first time, but the second time Israel accused me of wanting them dead I would have been done with them too. But not God. He continues in faithfulness, provision, and security. Pharaoh, Moses, and the people of Israel all had ample reason to believe God, and all failed multiple times. Yet the Lord continues to be faithful to His promise to Abraham and to His plan of redemption of all creation. Next week we will finish Exodus. You should also spend the week thinking happy and warm thoughts about Leviticus. A good attitude goes a long way!

In worship, we started blending the music this last Sunday. My intention, as I hope everyone remembers from sermons and articles from a couple months ago, is to bring all elements of worship together on a weekly basis in the hopes that we can grow together in one blended service. That means we can expect to be blessed by the choir, organ, piano, guitar, drums and voices each week. I expect there will come a day that we may want to create a separate space for contemporary worship, but at this point I could only speculate on time lines. I think in six to twelve months we will have a better idea whether we want to continue in one blended service, or create a new worship space for contemporary worship. In the mean time we will be in a season of transition, which always comes with a mix of joy and discomfort. I ask for your patience as we all learn our parts.

This will be the third time I have led a church through a worship transition and I have come to expect a few growing pains. One issue that must always be addressed is the influx of new songs that “nobody knows”. While James and I are going to continue to include songs every week that are comfortable and familiar, we will also have to introduce quite a bit of new music as well. One way you can become familiar with these songs is to search YouTube, Spotify, or any other source of music for songs on the CCLI Top 100 list. CCLI is the authority on church music licenses, but they also keep track of the top used songs each month and publish a song list. Not only is this list full of powerful worship music, but it will help everyone become familiar with the music of the generations we want to invite into our congregation. I hope you will be blessed by these songs as you listen.


With Christ’s Love


-Pastor Matt Bailey



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