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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


To the Saints of the Church of Ennis,


This week, the Administrative Board approved a plan to return to worship in person on June 14th with services at 9:00am and 10:30 am. Before I go into the details of this plan please know that I strongly encourage you to continue worshiping online if you feel in any way uncomfortable with public gatherings, or if you are in the “at risk” demographic, as defined by the state. That being said, if you do choose to join us for worship, I believe we have developed a plan that meets and exceeds state safety standards.

I urge you to read the following guidelines and tune in for our Wednesday 10am live stream check-in on YouTube and Facebook. I don’t want any part of this plan to surprise you at the door. Please take time to absorb, and process everything in this plan before you choose to return to worship. I also ask that you approach this plan with the intention to cooperate, not find ways to get around the rules. Our ability to gather safely will depend on our willingness to be inconvenienced for the good of others.


  1. The sanctuary will have a section for those who are high risk, and a section for people who are not. If you are reasonably healthy and under 65 you must sit in the section designated for people who are not high risk. If you are over 65 or have significant health issues that make you vulnerable, please ask the ushers to direct you to the appropriate seating area.
  2. We must practice social distancing. Households may sit together on the outside of every other pew with six feet of distance in the middle between family units. Remember, just because you may feel comfortable shaking hands and hugging, many others may not. Please refrain from invading other’s social distancing space as a courtesy.
  3. One of the most effective ways we can keep a contagious person from spreading Covid-19 to our most vulnerable parishioners is by requiring masks for all people attending. A mask does not keep you from getting sick, but if someone comes to worship contagious with Covid-19, a mask will give us our best chance of not allowing them to spread the disease. If you feel that wearing a mask compromises your faith or liberty please continue to worship online. The only time a mask may be removed is to speak or sing on a microphone from the stage area.
  4. Dr. Larry Jinks will be performing touchless temperature scans at the door. Those with fever of 99.5 or above will not be allowed into the building. If, God forbid, you are found with fever, please receive Dr. Jinks’ direction with the love and care he will surely show to you. If submitting to a touchless temperature scan makes you uncomfortable, please continue to worship online.
  5. Bathrooms will be available, but we cannot sanitize between each use, so please reserve the bathrooms for emergency use only. You will not be questioned or discouraged from using the restrooms, but if possible, try to plan your morning in such a way that you will not need them.
  6. For now, we are only opening the building for worship. Small groups are encouraged to gather in social distanced groups outside the church building or in homes.


If you have any questions, please call my cell at 972-921-2790. I have listened to many ideas from our members on how to safely gather for worship. It is clear there are many different opinions and perspectives on how to balance the needs of safety and freedom in a house of worship. We can only successfully begin a return to normal with a spirit of humility and trust. I ask for your trust now as I and your leadership team do our very best to provide our whole community with the maximum amount of freedom and comfort we can while keeping our congregation safe.


Thank you & Blessings!

Pastor Matt Bailey


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