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Dear First Methodist Family,


Last Sunday was a very special day of worship! I knew that God was in that place. I’m also confident God will be with us this Sunday as we begin a four part message series called, “4 From The Heart.” I’m truly enjoying the Ennis church and it’s been great to make new friends, meet new people, and hear your stories. This Sunday we’ll be looking at how we can live the “Grace” life every day. Jesus told us that when two or three gather in his name, that he would be among them. Jesus will meet with us and I hope you’ll keep the appointment. Miracles happen in the fellowship of believers and I’m expecting them this Sunday. We also have a gathering of United Methodist Women after church that includes a meal and we’ll have a conversation on how to get involved in putting action steps to what we believe about God. I’m enjoying my class each Wednesday at 10:00 am on the Book of Acts. You can join us on any Wednesday. Dr. Jinks is teaching a class on the same Wednesdays at 6:00 pm on the Book of Romans. You’ll be blessed by both or either. Midweek is a good time for a Bible tune-up as you get ready for Sunday. Don’t forget to check out our website weekly. It’s continually updated and you can also like our church Facebook page because there are church updates on Facebook as well. Check in at church on Sunday using Facebook because it’s a good way to communicate that you’re finding Good News at FUMC of Ennis. I hope you are sharing your God is Big Enough bracelets. I continue to hear some wonderful stories about the power of sharing the phrase on the bracelet. Keep praying the St. Patrick’s prayer! I’ll pass out more bracelets and more prayers on Sunday. Both are powerful and they put our church on the same page. We’re also having visitors in worship each weekend. Be on the lookout and share a warm greeting. We want people to know that we care. You might share there are breakfast burritos, donuts, and coffee in the FLC. What a fun time that is. I’ve also been loving the music of the church. We’ve had some “Wow” moments and I expect some this Sunday. I love our choir. If you are considering choir, they practice each Wednesday and you are invited to join them. As I’ve grown to love the people of First Methodist Ennis I thought I’d share a few thoughts about what I’m hoping will happen in the next few months as we journey together.



#1 - That our church services would be a reflection of the fact that Jesus is alive and not dead!

#2– That we will understand that the creative potential of the church is greater than anything we can imagine. Jim Henson created Kermit the Frog – God created the universe --- our vision and creativity should be measured by God’s standard.

#3 – That we would have a heart for the same things God has a heart for! People!

#4 – That we would meet people where they are and love them into the kingdom.

#5 – That we would challenge people with God’s truth knowing that’s where life change happens.

#6 – That our view of God will increase … because the greater we see who He is, the greater will be the things we will attempt in his Name.

#7 – That we would embrace Acts 15:19 mindset by helping people discover how to have an active, vibrant, relationship with a Holy God.

#8 – That our agenda would be Jesus and His Kingdom.

#9 – That we would model John 13:13-35 to a world that is always changed when we put these verses into action.

#10 – That we would reject the notion that God deserves “just enough” and instead we would offer Him the “very best” we’ve got.

#11 – That we would always seek God and His agenda for the church.

#12 – Jesus Christ must drive the vision of the church. Acts 1:6-8 When a group of Christians commit themselves to seeking the face of the Almighty, hearing from him, and then doing what he says, the church can accomplish much more than it ever imagined...

#13 – A move of God is coming - Acts 2:1-5 What happened in this portion of the Scripture was both unexplainable and undeniable – and it made the church unstoppable.

#14 – We must never be afraid to share the Gospel.





In Christ,


Pastor Stephen Ramsdell

Interim Senior Pastor

FUMC of Ennis

(Pastor's Corner February 8, 2019)                                    

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