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This picture listing of many of our members is no way complete.
Pictures are added as found, sent in, or caught for a photo moment!
Since we do not currently have a directory,
this source might help new people get to know others in the church.

Send in your pictures, do selfies, whatever ---
we just want something to represent you and your family!
Please send exact names, include the children!

Send pics to kkweathers@aol.com
do not hesitate to let me know about errors!



Helen and Tom Abram


Drew & Carol Anderson


Robert & Lou Anderson


Iris Ball


Joe Barton


Jerry Becker


Kyle & Melissa Berry


Jimmy and Ginger Boon


Barry & Lou Bonett


Nita Bozek
(Passed away October 2019)


Melinda and Ken Briggs Jr.


Matthew Briggs and Ken Briggs III



The Greg Brown Family 
L-R: Ben, Melissa, Audrey, and Greg


Qilan and Carey Bryan


Teresa & Alex Campbell


Kim & David Canady


 The Casas Family
L-R: Ryan, Julie, Adan, & Kyle


Cindy Cavender


Jana Chancellor


Denise and Roland Christian


Jo Ann Cody


Calvin & Peggy Collins
(Calvin passed away on March 10, 2020)


Sonny and Jill Collins



Robert Collins Family
L-R 2nd row: Dana & Robert
1st row: Rachel, Abigail, & Elizabeth


Coco & Mike Colville


Eric & Kristi Colvin


Ron & Mollie Colvin


Tommy & Kristi Copeland


Keith Currens


Iva DeSmidt


Billy & Nancy Dodson


Ina Dubberly


Irene Dugger


Patsy & Ron Erickson


Michelle & John Erisman



Steve & Janey Fallen


Wilda Fisher


Bruce Fuelberth



Bill Fullerton
(passed away August 25, 2020)


Pat & Daphne Fullerton
Roy Fullerton & Samuel Fullerton



Layla Ganske, DeOnna Ganske, & Mark Ganske
Members as of October 7, 2018


Linda Gillespie (front)
With her is her sister, Earline Reese.


C.J. Gossett 


Tamara Grady


Edward Grady


Mary Harper


Hazel Hashop



Kay Gibbons Haymond
became a member of the church
Sunday, December 9, 2018

(Moved to West Virginia, summer of 2020)



Mary Hickman
Member as of October 7, 2018


Joan Hodge


Trisha and Ted Hodges


Tommy & Susan James


Dr. Larry Jinks and Beverly Jinks


Dorris Johnson


Robby and Dee Keever


Robert & Cheryl Knavel


Barbara Kohlmann


Ron & Diana Kohlmann


Joyce and Dave Lindauer
Members as of March 18, 2018 


Scott & Jessie Lindsay, pictured here with their girls Luci and June! 
A new member of the family joined since this day:
the girls have a baby brother - his name is Steele!

Scott & Jessie are members as of October 7, 2018


Dave & Cindy Lovelace


Sue Martz


Bill & Juanita McBee


Adelle and Jerry McCarty


Ellen & D.R. "Danny" Miller


Bobby and Barbara Montgomery


Donna Montgomery


James Montgomery Family

Back: James Montgomery and daughter Sarah Licea;
Front: sons Taylor and Chase Montgomery


Michael Moss, Angela Moss, and John Otts


Marty and Jennifer Nelson


Carla Odom


Peggy Odom


Jon Peeler and fiance Angie Chapman (12/13/2020)


Brian & Julie Pierce 


Julie Ramsey


Mike & Pat Reel



Alan & Stephanie Reese and Family
Parker on front row; Brinkley waving on row behind!


Earline Reese


Joyce Reeve


Mark & Kathy Renfro


Kathy & Dennis Reno


Brenda Rider


Jared Rudd


Robert and Carolyn Sanders


Kristy, Abbey, and Chad Schmidt


Erica & Hunter Scott
& Family


Judy & Larry Shelton


Joyce Slade


Patsy Spann


Cathy Stacks


Harry Strunc


Johnnie Sullivan
(Passed away October 2019)


Joey & Rhonda Svehlak


Russell and Nancy Thomas


The Todd Family - Lori Todd, Mikaela Funderburk,
Ryan Todd, and Allison Todd. (12/13/2020)


Kaylyn Venable and husband Jerry Smith


Linda & Greg Vineyard


Alyssa Washburn


Tara and Ronnie Washburn


Rosemary Washburn


Guy & Kay Weathers


Richard & Nina Webb

Joined the church on Sunday, July 21, 2019)


Lynn and Jackie Webster







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