Youth in Charge!

The YOUTH were in full charge of this service!


July 15, 2018


The Worship Team poured their hearts through the music
every time they were center stage!
Sarah Jurik and Amanda Canady are singing
with Davin Hutchinson being accompanied
by James Montgomery and Micah Knight.


Minister to Students Christen Vick introduced the plan
for the morning then disappeared telling us
it was all about the YOUTH!


Edward Grady led us in the Apostle's Creed,
then later read the scripture for the day,
but before that he was point man
for the Mission Moments.


Madelyn Reno (3rd from left) and Naomi Autry (2nd from left) interacted with peers
and younger children in their presentation
of the Children's Sermon.


Samantha Webster led the congregation
in The Lord's Prayer!


Taylor Montgomery gave the Offertory Prayer
with four youth to conduct the offering collection.


A GREAT Mission Ennis Slide Show
was shown at this point.
Click HERE to see Mission Ennis 2018!


Mission Moments gave several youth
(L-R: Kisshawna, Zachariah, Edward, Earl, Taylor, and Conner)
the opportunity to give their take on the experience of Mission Ennis.
Conner described a different mission that he
had attended during Mission Ennis! 


Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Youth performed a very heartfelt dance showing their love for God.

Dancers L-R: Alexis, Naomi, Kisshawna, and Zachariah


Olivia Rudd presented the Sermon for the day
entitled "Love in Action."




The song of invitation as expressed by the Worship Team
was intense and spirit-filled.


Zachary Colvin gave the Benediction
before all the Youth came forward
to lead the congregation
in the singing of Amazing Grace!

Youth participating from
Galilee Missionary Baptist Church were: 

Zachariah, Kisshawn, Kisshawna, Naomi, Alexis, and Earl.

Youth participating from
Ennis First United Methodist Church were:
Madelyn, Taylor, Edward, Olivia, Samantha, Conner, Tamara, and Zachary.


L-R: Kisshawn, Alexis, Madelyn, Zachariah, Zachary, Naomi, Samantha, Olivia, Edward, Earl, Conner, Kisshawna,Tamara, and Taylor


Beautiful service YOUTH!
We love you, too!
And, we are all so proud of each and
every one of you!


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